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Moving Checklists

What to consider before planning your move.

Moving nationwide or overseas must be treated just the same and on a high standard!


Moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, polystyrene chips, tapes, corrugated sheet covers, bubble wrap / Kraft "and don't forget the FRAGILE tape to distinguish between breakables and non-breakables", permanent marker, blade, tape cutter, packing list


Do not wait until the last days. Start packing early and get ahead of time. Getting rid of stuff is very normal during a move, thus plan what you will be disposing of while it would be wiser to recycle the contents. Being organized will not stress you and will give you more time to think about what you are missing. Hire a cleaning or a handyman service

company if you require professional assistance. 

Decide if you need to steam and deep clean your carpets, sofas, and mattresses before entering the new place. 

Make sure you read your reviews before hiring any company. GMT Services can help you sort these companies. Check whether you require to obtain a permit from your local council. 

Do not pack your contents in bags and non-stackable boxes to avoid any breakages during the move. If you manage to obtain any boxes make sure it is adequate for moving and not already squashed or inferior. 


Hmmm... Do not forget to label all your boxes before forgetting what you have put inside.

labelling must include: 

contents, room, and box number 


Schedule your move and start contacting moving companies to check for availabilities and quotations.

Make sure that the selected moving company has a valid goods in the transit insurance policy, experienced porters, a good reputation, and equipped with proper moving equipment like moving blankets, trolleys and proper tools for any dismantling that you may need a transparent rate structure!

Which in this case GALEA Moving & Transport Ltd have got you covered with the best service and prices. 

How much material I need?

You do not want to buy an amount which will not be used and at the same time, you do not want to buy an amount which will not be enough.

If you are moving and you are overthinking about this problem first you need to do is calculate the number of rooms and how many years you have been living in this property.

How much square meters you have of furniture and contents, noting that breakable contents may require more time and material. How many picture frames do you have and what these are made of? Assess if you have antiques that may require bespoke crating.  

Remember No Two Jobs Are The Same!

Consider your kind of lifestyle "and be honest to yourself" are you a: collector, modest or minimalist.

We have tailor-made some moving kits for any house size which can be found in our shop. 

A kitchen usually takes about 25 (SCD9) boxes, while the main bedroom would take 3 (SCT18 with rail), 5 (SCD16) for bed linen, and rest of the clothes, 2 (SCD14) for ornaments and equipment. Each other bedroom will end up with 1(SCT18 with rail) and 2 (SCD16) each. 

Do not pack these items when moving

What Not To Pack















These are few of the items that is dangerous to pack them. The list keeps on going however, take care of flammable objects and explosive objects.

Types of moving boxes

Small Moving Boxes

Small boxes are used for fragile items/books or items that must be packed on their own. The pros of having more small moving boxes are that they are easy to handle and the weight is not a big problem considering the dimension of the bottom.

Medium Moving Boxes

Medium boxes are tended to be the most commonly used. The medium-sized boxes are ideal for small items in your household. Normally these are used to pack up your packed glass items.

LARGE Moving Boxes

Large boxes are always suitable for clothes / hanged clothes, chairs / office chairs, cushions, blankets, bedding and anything that won't fit in smaller boxes that are lightweight objects.

Moving boxes

Download our "packing slip"

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