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3PL & 4PL warehousing solutions is another core department of the company whereas GALEA top off the cake by that extra added service. We will let you focus on growing your business and deduct your cost of operations drastically. By opting for this service our customer will no longer need to rent a warehouse, pay high payrolls, fuel and invest in new vehicles along with the expenses that come with it.  


As part of our standard service, we offer collection/ receive, unload, warehouse, stock inventory and distribute the cargo being small packages to large house-hold content, furniture and appliances.  


We can offer value-added service to ease the job and let you focus on the sales side of the business rather than the logistics and operation of your package. 


The service can be complemented by 

Packing, Labelling, Ordering of your cargo from the supplier upon reaching minimum stock level, a supply of branded packaging material along with designs. 


Talk to our experts to discuss the potential business and how you can save money by trusting us as your ideal partner. 

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