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Measuring 44 x 32 x 15cm, designed to streamline your packing and shipping needs. This box is particularly suitable for individuals who require a space-efficient solution when moving or shipping smaller items.


With its versatile size, this box is perfect for organizing and protecting various belongings. Whether it's books, electronics, accessories, or delicate items, our 44 x 32 x 15cm box offers secure packaging and reliable transportation.


Crafted from durable cardboard material, this box ensures the safety of your items during transit. Its sturdy construction minimizes the risk of damage, providing peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Maximize space and minimize unnecessary bulk with our 44 x 32 x 15cm cardboard box. Its compact dimensions and reliable protection make it an ideal choice for individuals looking for an efficient and convenient packaging solution.


For Heavy Content
Recommended for: A3 size

44 x 32 x 15 CM - SCD12

2,50 €Preço
IVA incl.

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