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Introducing our hanging wardrobe box, designed to simplify the process of transporting and storing your clothing items during a move or renovation. With dimensions of 60 x 50 x 90cm, this specialized box provides a convenient and efficient solution for preserving the condition of your hanging garments.


Our wardrobe box is constructed with sturdy cardboard material, ensuring durability and protection for your clothing. The spacious dimensions allow for the hanging storage of multiple garments, including dresses, suits, coats, and shirts, keeping them wrinkle-free and organized throughout the moving process.


The box features a built-in hanging rail, securely supporting your clothes and allowing for easy access and retrieval when needed. Its large size ensures that longer garments and coats are adequately accommodated without compromising their shape or condition.


Streamline your moving experience with our 60 x 50 x 90cm hanging wardrobe box. It offers a practical and efficient solution for safely transporting your clothing items while keeping them easily accessible. Trust in its quality construction to protect and preserve your wardrobe during the transition to your new space.


Cabinet Trunks

Recommended for: Hanging clothes


Maximum Weight: 20Kg


Consider the weight that will be put on top of the box when stacked on top of each other.

13 WARDROBE Boxes SCT18 - 60 x 50 x 90cm(H) (12+1 FREE) SAVE €14.76

PreçoA partir de 162,36 €
IVA incl.

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