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BUY ONE BOX & GET 10% Discount


Take 1 Box and enjoy 10% Discount (8 Rolls Per Box)


From €19.90 per roll to €17.91 per roll (€15.17+VAT)

(1 Box) 8 rolls GRIP Stretch Film Black 400mmx480mx7µm (€15.92/Roll)

159,20 € Preço normal
143,28 €Preço promocional
IVA incl.



    High-yield, lightweight, sustainable solutions. Converting standard stretch material via a secondary process, film is pre-stretched to its maximum elasticity, converting a high yield film to a reduced-thickness performance solution with improved efficiencies and environmental savings.

    Grip Film is used globally to reduce clients’ carbon footprints, with a reduced consumption of up to 50% material due to increased yield per roll. The reduced thickness equates to much less plastic needed per wrap, resulting in not only cost savings but huge waste savings.

    Increase your holding force and pallet stability with Grip Film. The film memory creates higher hold force ensuring load stability and increased security. The oscillated edges of the film increase the strength of the wrap and prevent breakage and damage to dropped rolls.

    Pre-stretched films perform extremely well in all climates. Grip Film is safe to use in ambient, chilled and cold store environments. The opaque white film effectively reflects the sun, protecting goods from harsh sun rays and heat damage.

    Thanks to the secondary process in manufacture, our films have an improved application. They’re easier, lighter and faster to unwind, control and apply. Guarantee a consistent wrap with Grip Film, due to the pre-stretched quality removing elasticity and creating a more uniform stretch.

  • Climate Resistance

    Carbon Footprint Reduction

    High Strength and Puncture Resistance

    Guaranteed Load Stability

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