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Model Robo Wrap 600 B is a self-propelled stretch-film wrapping robot for palletized loads with different shapes, sizes, and weight. It is equipped with a digital color display 7,2” that allows, in a very simple and functional way, to adjust the programs and the wrapping parameters easily. The start cycle can also be activated by remote control.


7.552,00 € Preço normal
6.995,00 €Preço promocional
IVA incl.
  • Machine dimensions

    L 1610 x W 1253 x H 2400 mm

    Weight machine

    450 Kg

    Max product weight

    No limit

    Dimension Min. product

    L 600 x W 600 mm

    Carriage up-down speed

    1,4/5 meters/min

    Film pre-stretch

    Mechanical brake carriage

    Power supply

    220 Volt 1Ph

    Power supply frequency

    50/60 Hz

    Installed power

    1,25 Kw

    Max dimension film roll

    H 500 mm Ø 280 mm

    Coil outer diameter

    280 mm

    Reel internal diameter

    76 mm

    Film roll max weight

    16 Kg

    Film roll thickness

    12 – 35 (µm)

    Photoeye to detect door height




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