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Battery strapping tool is easy to use and easy to handle thanks to its low weight of only 3.3 kg.


Hurricane 13-16 is a battery-operated tensioning and welding strapping tool that is easy to use and adjust. The insertion of the strap is simple and fast, with the actuation of the button and the lever, tensioning and vibration welding (heating by friction) are obtained. Considered one of the lightest battery strapping machines in the world with its only 3 kg.


Suitable for strapping medium-heavy loads, it is used with polypropylene PP or polyester PET strap with a width from 13 to 16 mm. It is equipped with the new 12 V - 3.0 mA / h lithium-ion battery which guarantees greater power and duration. Included in the package: strapping tool, charger, and a battery.

Hurricane 13-16 battery strapping tool

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    • Compact and ergonomic
    • The lightest on the market only 3 Kg
    • Can be positioned both vertically and horizontally
    • Works with PP and PET strap
    • Tensioning speed up to 200 mm / sec
    • Vibration welding system
    • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
    • Small size
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Latest generation lithium-ion battery

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