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Unique lightweight + ergonomic design, stretch film dispenser.


Eliminate healthy and safety risks, reduce user fatigue, and improve efficiency by up to 40% with the Grip Applicator. Weighing less than 1KG, this easy-to-use applicator was designed to minimise any strain on the operator, whilst improving the wrapping time and quality.


Conventional methods of manually wrapping pallets are slow and tiring, often resulting in injuries and operator fatigue, which is why Grip was designed to eliminate any stress on the operator and optimise the efficency and consistency of your pallet wrapping. 


The system offers a range of different features to maximise safety and improve load stability. It’s rapid roll change systems works in harmony with the twist-lock tension mechanism for a safe and secure wrap, eliminating any transit damage. Create a strapping effect and reach those high corners with minimum effort for excellent pallet stabilisation – perfect for securing those irregular loads. 


We’ve proven an overall saving of 40% with the Grip Film system, covering everything from wrap time to film used and cost. Operators globally continue to prove the benefits of the system, never looking back!

GRIP Dispenser for Stretch Film

159,00 € Preço normal
95,40 €Preço promocional
IVA incl.
  • Twist lock film tensioning

    Reduce user fatigue and set the perfect film tension with the lightweight tension mechanism, enabling the operator to maintain film tension with minimum effort, even when working at height.

    Magnetised dispenser

    Fix your Applicator to any metal surface in the warehouse, ensuring it’s always on hand. Remove any health and safety risks or tripped hazards from loose rolls.

    Super lightweight, easy to use

    Weighing less than 1KG, reduces operator fatigue and eliminate health and safety risks with one-handed wrapping.

    Rapid roll change system

    Grip Film’s core is designed to interface seamlessly with the GRIP® dispenser for maximum control and rapid roll change.

  • 1. Drop roll into the dispenser

    2. Set the perfect tension

    3. Securely wrap your load

    4. Remove and replace roll

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