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Brown/Grey Moving Blanket, measuring 150cm x 200cm, designed to provide optimal protection for your furniture and fragile items during transportation or storage.


This moving blanket features a durable and thick construction, offering excellent cushioning and insulation to safeguard your belongings from scratches, dents, and other potential damages. Whether you're moving furniture, artwork, or other delicate items, our moving blanket provides a reliable layer of protection.


With its generous dimensions of 150cm x 200cm, this blanket offers ample coverage to wrap and secure various items of different sizes. The dual-tone design, combining brown and grey colors, adds a touch of style while ensuring versatility for different packaging needs.


The blanket is easy to handle and wrap around objects, thanks to its soft and flexible material. Its heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting use and provides peace of mind during the moving process.


Choose our Brown/Grey Moving Blanket in the size of 150cm x 200cm to effectively protect your valuable belongings. Its durability, generous dimensions, and reliable cushioning make it an essential addition to your moving or storage supplies, ensuring your items are well-preserved and secure.

Manta Móvel Marrom / Cinza 150cm x 200cm - MBGS

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