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Acid Free Tissue Paper, a premium choice for preserving and protecting your delicate items. Measuring 45cm x 70cm, this tissue paper provides a gentle and safe environment for your valuables.


Each pack contains approximate 480 sheets.


Crafted with acid-free properties, our tissue paper ensures that your items are shielded from potential damage caused by acidic materials. This makes it an ideal option for wrapping and storing delicate fabrics, antique items, jewelry, or any other sensitive belongings that require extra care.


The generous dimensions of 45cm x 70cm allow for easy wrapping and folding, accommodating items of various sizes. The soft and smooth texture of the tissue paper ensures that your items are safeguarded against scratches, tarnishing, or color transfer.


Choose our Acid Free Tissue Paper for its high-quality composition and protective properties. With its dimensions of 45cm x 70cm, it offers ample coverage and gentle cushioning to preserve the quality and integrity of your cherished possessions. Trust in its acid-free nature to keep your items in pristine condition for years to come.

Papel de seda sem ácido 45cm x 70cm - JC1

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