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Our Recycled White Packing Paper, a sustainable and versatile choice for your packaging needs. This 5kg bundle of packing paper offers an eco-friendly solution for wrapping and protecting your items during transit or storage.


Crafted from recycled materials, our white packing paper is not only environmentally conscious but also provides reliable cushioning for your belongings. The sheets are designed to be smooth and lightweight, allowing for easy wrapping and folding to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes.


With a generous 5kg weight, this bundle of packing paper provides an ample supply to meet your packaging requirements. Whether you need to protect fragile items, fill empty spaces in boxes, or wrap individual items securely, our recycled white packing paper offers the versatility to suit a variety of purposes.


Choose our Recycled White Packing Paper in the convenient 5kg bundle to ensure your items are protected while minimizing your environmental impact. With its sustainable composition and reliable cushioning, it is the ideal choice for eco-conscious individuals or businesses looking for effective and responsible packaging solutions.

Papier d'emballage blanc recyclé 5kg ou 10kg

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TVA Incluse

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