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Easy Wrap 2000 A semi-automatic pallet wrapper with mechanical brake film tensioning


The Easy Wrap 2000 A pallet wrapper is a wrapping machine for palletized loads. Being a semi-automatic wrapping machine, it requires an operator for its operation. The wrapping machine is electrically powered with an energy power of 1 Kw. The tensioning of the film takes place through a mechanical clutch manually adjustable by the operator. As an alternative to this wrapping machine, the Easy Wrap 2000 B pallet wrapper is also available with motorized pre-stretch of the film at fixed ratios.


The new graphic interface of the touch display


Since January 2021, significant improvements have been made in the use and management of the machine on the user side. In addition to the language selector, the navigation logics on the touch screen have been updated and simplified to make the most of the potential of this winder. Each screen is equipped with an information icon that briefly describes the specification of the commands on the display, with instant warnings that alert the operator of any anomalies or alarms during work operations. The operations aimed at reinforcement cycles on pallets and the settings of the work cycles have been revised, which give the possibility to manage and store up to 10 different work settings, optimizing (based on the values entered), a considerable saving of the stretch film.